Surgical intervention

We perform surgical procedures on joints, bones and muscles. We opt for surgery when non-surgical methods of treatment cannot eliminate the problems or at least reduce them to a tolerable level.

We mainly use minimally invasive – arthroscopic (or endoscopic) operative techniques, in which we enter joints or other parts of the body through small, usually half a centimeter long incisions.

We also perform open surgical procedures on the surface of joints and other parts of the body, where we approach damaged structures through larger incisions.
Surgery treats a defect or injury to help restore a joint or other part of the body to normal function.

We pay special attention to the planning of the operative procedure, preparation for it and rehabilitation after it.

Types of surgical procedures at the Arthron Clinic

  1. Arthroscopic surgery (arthroscopy) – minimally invasive joint surgery
  2. Open bone, joint and muscle surgery
  3. Endoscopic surgery of other parts of the musculoskeletal system – minimally invasive surgery of muscles, subcutaneous tissue.

Arthroscopic operations – arthroscopies

Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure allowing the treatment of defects and injuries of the joints through small, usually half a centimeter long incisions by help of a video system and specially adapted instruments.

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure being used for injuries and defects of:

  1. knee
  2. shoulder
  3. ankle
  4. elbow

Patient questions- knee arthroscopy

Q: In a good month, I am scheduled for the knee arthroscopy. The doctor told me that the meniscus was trapped and it may also be necessary to intervene in the cross ligaments. I’m interested what the surgery looks like and how long the rehabilitation takes to enable me playing sports normally again. (football, running)

A: A torn (also trapped) meniscus can be removed (partial removal of the meniscus) or sewn (meniscus repair). In both cases, the operation is arthroscopic, through approx. 1/2 cm incision in the front of the knee, and in the case of meniscus repair, an additional incision is often required on the side where the meniscus is damaged. In the case of simultaneous reconstruction (replacement) of the anterior cross ligament, an incision is required, through which tissue is obtained, by which the ligament is then replaced. In the case of partial removal of the meniscus, rehabilitation lasts from 3 weeks to 3 months, and in the case of repair of the meniscus and / or replacement of the anterior cross ligament, 4 to 9 months.

Open bone, joint and muscle surgery

In exposed bone, joint, and muscle surgeries, damaged and defective structures are approached through larger incisions when these are not accessible by minimally invasive techniques. Such surgeries treat bone fractures (osteosynthesis (fixation) of bone fragments by plates, screws, wires and / or bone sutures, injuries and damage to extra-articular ligaments, tendons and muscles. We also perform the removal of ostosynthetic material (tiles, screws, wires ).

Endoscopic surgery of other parts of the musculoskeletal system

When removing blood or its decomposition forms from the subcutaneous tissue and muscles, we can often use a minimally invasive method of treatment – a video system and customized instruments through small, usually half of centimetre long incisions.