Stem cells

Concentrated stem cell therapy is the latest form of regenerative treatment. Concentrated stem cells are obtained from the bone marrow or from the subcutaneous fat of the patient.

Stem cells are the cells able to develop into any type of cell replacing thus defective or impaired cells. They are mainly used for the treatment of wear (degenerative) diseases and post-injury conditions of joints and other parts of the body.

Stem cells are most often injected into joints (they can also be injected into other parts of the body), and they are also used on special carriers to cover defects in (missing) joint cartilage.

Stem cells have a regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect similar to platelet-rich plasma. Regenerative action means that they stimulate tissue repair and regeneration processes by replacing defective or impaired cells. Anti-inflammatory action (reduction of inflammatory signs: pain, swelling, redness, heat and impaired function) is stronger than in platelet-rich plasma and also lasts longer (platelet-rich plasma 1 to 2 years, stem cells more than 3 years).

Stem cell therapy is usually completed by hyaluronic acid injections.

At our clinic we treat with 3 different methods: