Platelet plasma

Platelet plasma = Platelet Rich Plasma = PRP is a preparation from the patient’s blood in which white and red blood cells are removed by a special centrifugation procedure. Thus we get a solution of the smallest blood cells – platelets or thrombocytes.

Platelets contain a number of factors having regenerative and anti-inflammatory action. Regenerative action means that they stimulate the processes of tissue repair and regeneration. Anti-inflammatory action means that they reduce inflammation and thus also inflammatory signs: pain, swelling, redness, heat and impaired function.

Platelet-rich plasma is injected into diseased / damaged joints and / or other parts of the body, often under ultrasound control.

To prepare plasma rich in platelets, we use the system of the leading Swiss company in the field of regenerative medicine – the company RegenLab.

Stem cells have a similar, but stronger and longer-lasting, effect than platelet-rich plasma. Platelet- and / or stem cell-rich plasma therapy is usually completed by hyaluronic acid injections.