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The Arthron Clinic has been operating since 2003. We bring together reputed and experienced professionals treating holistically diseases and injuries of joints (knees, shoulders, ankles, elbows,), spine and sports injuries. At our clinic, we perform clinical examinations, ultrasound diagnostics, non-surgical treatment, surgical procedures and rehabilitation (physiotherapy, kinesiology, personal training, nutrition advising). We also provide preventive advising and prepare recreational and professional sportsmen for greater psychophysical strains and prevent the worsening of degenerative (wear) changes in the joints and spine.

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References – our patients

Winning is not something that happens on the pitch when the whistle blows and the fans scream. Winning is something that is built physically and mentally every day when you train and every night when you dream,” said Emmit Smith, a professional American football player.

Among our patients are also top athletes. We congratulate them for their results and thank them for their trust.