• 1990, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Sport, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Degree for a trainer in Rhytmics Gymnastics
  • 1995-1998, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, BSc in Physiotherapy
  • 1998-1999, University of East London, London, England, MSc in Physiotherapy
  • 2002, King’s College London, London, England, PhD student in Physiotherapy
  • October 1999 - July 2000, Research Assistant to Dr. Matthew Morrissey, University of East London, Department of Health Sciences, Research project: Effects of open versus close kinetic chain exercises on knee extensors training.
  • September 2000 - December 2001, Staff Physiotherapist, General Hospital Maribor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
  • 2002, Research Physiotherapist (PhD student) Ministry of Science, Slovenia
  • 2003, Principal Researcher, Arthron, Institute for Joint and Sport Injuries, Celje, Slovenia
  • 2007 University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health sciences, Department of Physiotherapy, Ljubljana Slovenia